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WP Mini League November 2014 - Results

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Welcome to Water Ski SA(South African Tournament Water Ski)

So, you want to ski? You enjoy being out on the water. The speed! The sun! The exhilaration! The fresh air! Water Ski SA has it all and will make your dreams come true. We want you and your family to enjoy all that is possible on the water. We can help you bring the thrills and spills of water skiing.  What are you waiting for? If you have the itch, Water Ski SA is the place for you. 


Do you want to have fun? Do you have the passion? We can help you. You do not have to be a pro. You do have to want to ski or ride, to feel the wind in your hair. Water Ski SA's job is to grow, promote and develop the sport in all its many forms. Jump 70 metres over a water ski ramp. Backflip on a trick ski. Impossible? No, we can teach you. Like speed? Do we ever not have that! Whatever you want to do on the water, we can show you where and how. Do it with friends. Or do it as a family. Do it at all ages. That is our sport. Let it be yours.


And, when the day comes and you want to strut your stuff in competition, we can show you the ropes. We have ski clubs, mini leagues and standings list tournaments all over the country.


How Water Skiing Works?

Please click here to view our dedicated page on how water skiing works, otherwise you can find this on the main menu bar under "Skiing 101" and then under "About"


What is a mini league? 

A mini league is fun filled day, where competitors of all ages and level of skill compete against each on handicap system much like golf. The better you get, the lower your handicap is. The mini league helps to bridge the gap between recreational skiers and tournament skiers. To advance from free water slalom skiing to running a full slalom course is a daunting task and often people are unsure what to do. In order to cater for skiers still learning to run the slalom course, extras bouys have been added, which are narrower than a full course turn bouy. 
The mini leagues are a great place for you to experience what skiing against others feels like. Make it an opportunity to have fun and learn. Imagine that! You show up and get to have fun. How can you beat that?


KwaZulu - Natal, Western Province and Gauteng run mini leagues throughout the summer.


Standings List Tournaments

A “standings list tournament” is a proper rankings list tournament. This is different from the mini league as you have qualified officials judging, driving and scoring and you don’t get any second chances etc. Once you fall or miss a bouy your turn is over. Your scores are then sent to E&A(Europe and Africa) Water Ski where it counts towards one ranking. http://iwwfed-ea.org/. With a standings list tournament, one can compare themself to any other skier in the world.




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Skiworld Gauteng Champs & SA Champs

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Note: These are seperate tournaments and the prices are per a tournament.

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